Biomii with CACHA 's DNA

Glazed porcelain jewel with 3D technology, made with Cacha's DNA.

Its cylindrical shape with silver caps on the sides, and its 3mm braided leather strap, make this Biomii a unique experience to wear with you the idol you admire so much.

Your Idol closer than ever.


  • 3D printed porcelain material
  • Sterling silver 925 caps
  • Engraved Biomii with the name of the idol
  • Brown braided 3mm leather with adjustable silver fastener
  • De-functionalised DNA with no possibility of recovering genetic information from the idol

Additional Information

Biomii is a patented product with a certificate of authenticity attesting that it contains your idol's DNA.

Its manufacture is personalized and on demand. Delivery time may vary according to the demand of each idol, with an estimated time of manufacture of 45-60 days from the purchase of your Biomii.

We will always keep you informed about the status and estimated delivery times of your Biomii.

We recommend not wearing our jewellery at sea or in the pool, and to avoid spraying perfume or alcohol directly on it. If you take care of your jewellery Biomii will remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Each biomii is manufactured in Spain and exported worldwide with the corresponding international fees and tariffs of each country.

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You will always wear your idol with you

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